Japan Animesong Collection, Vol. 12 (Anison - Japan) - Various Artists

Japan Animesong Collection, Vol. 12 (Anison - Japan)

Various Artists

  • Genre: Anime
  • Release Date: 2009-03-07
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 20

  • ℗ 2009 fyto inc.


Title Artist Time
Fugai Nai Ya (from HONEY AND C Kaolune 3:52 USD 0.99
Hare Hare Yukai (from The Mela AYA, Yuuko Takayoshi & Reiko Nakanishi 3:36 USD 0.99
Parallel Days (from The Melanc Aya 4:15 USD 0.99
Sos Nara Daijyoubu (from The M Aya 3:43 USD 0.99
Yuujyou Monogatari (from Inuka AYA, Yuuko Takayoshi & Reiko Nakanishi 4:10 USD 0.99
Go! Ryukendo (from MADANSENKI TAKEISHI 3:44 USD 0.99
God knows… (from The Melanch Aya 4:37 USD 0.99
Yuuki Rinrin (from SOREIKE!ANP Maikee 2:55 USD 0.99
Hug Shichao (from DORAEMON) Reiko Nakanishi 3:50 USD 0.99
Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi (from Hi Yukako & Maikee 4:24 USD 0.99
Locoroco No Uta (from Loco Roc Aya 2:38 USD 0.99
Tarako Tarako Tarako (from Tar Natsuko 4:00 USD 0.99
Brand New World (from One Piec Yutaka Kanno & Mu-ray & Reiko Nakanishi 4:18 USD 0.99
Massugu Daisakusen (from Gakue Kaolune 3:51 USD 0.99
Taiyou No Rakuen -Promised Lan Kaolune 4:36 USD 0.99
Rainbow Notes (from Mermaid Me Kaolune 4:24 USD 0.99
I Wish (from Digimon Adventure Reiko Nakanishi 4:00 USD 0.99
Oyoge! Taiyaki Kun (from Oyoge TAKEISHI 4:06 USD 0.99
Anpanman No March (from SOREIK Maikee 2:46 USD 0.99
Pokemon Ondo (from Pocket Mons Aya 4:17 USD 0.99


  • .

    By Gimmyjim
    God knows: it's kinda high, the voice, it's different, not bad just different. But I prefer original
  • Okay...

    By Gir&Keldeo
    Some of you people are complaining that they 'Murdered Hare Hare Yukai and everything else jijorgbntgjngbgnbj' but you have to understand ITunes would most likely have to pay the companies money to use their songs, right? So if they uploaded the songs with no permission, they would probably get in trouble. This is better then nothing, but if ITunes got more anime songs (And anime episodes, I can't find Haruhi or Lucky Star...) I think it would be great. Keep in mind ITunes has a ton of VOCALOID now! That's a plus, right? :P
  • thanks, sorta?

    By ichigocatnya~
    i love how hard you probably tried for all of this anime songs. but god knows does not sound like god knows! sorry i'm a huge anime fan, but these songs are fake. i give you credit for effort, though.
  • Hare Hare!!

    By Sgtidk
    Well,you guys finally did good on Hare Hare Yuki!Don't make it rock next time!
  • :(

    By Mae524
    I was kind of disappointed because I bought two songs, and it sounds like some one else singing them. The quality isn't very good either.
  • Eh.....  *sigh*

    By Twifan:D
    It's ok... I mean there's definetly worse out there and you guys some of the best songs they have.... But seriously just get the originals, you guys would get a LOT more people to buy the songs that way and that's what we want to have on loop on our iPods or whatever But still thanks fir havin the best songs on iTunes!  (L!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • ...

    By Christopher Knue
    to those complaining about Hare Hare Yukai. Aya Hirano was the original singer. same with God Knows. all the rest i'm not sure about.
  • dissapointed

    By Bones and NCIS freak!!!
    I was looking all over the place for songs from mermaid melody that weren't karaoke and then I finally find some. But they are only the songs that are at the begining and end of the shwo, bot the songs they sing!!! I haven't been able to find any and then when I think I found some, you dissapoint me... anyone who wants to make mermaid melody songs feel free too and let me know!!!!
  • C'mon people

    By Mime490
    The quality may be crap and there may be no flow but at least they are trying to give us something good, I couldn't find these songs anywhere until I found this Album so let's just give them a chance to improve!
  • Crap

    By Mayamich
    I love god knows but it's better in English!! Anyone know if the english one is on Itunes??